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Telescopic Grandstands

Sophisticated and impressive structures, or simple and easy to use, are made to measure according to the customer’s specific requests.

Sports Equipment for Stadiums and Sports Halls

Production of basketball facilities
built according to international standards.

Telescopic Grandstands

Mono Bloc Seat – Production of fixed or
telescopic stands for modular spectators.

Seating for Stadiums and Sports Halls

Over 4000 chairs produced and installed every year
all over the world place us among the leading
companies in the sector.

Telescopic Grandstands

They are designed and produced on request
according to the client’s needs

Our production Sectors

Our 3 Production Divisions have been studying for years how to develop Modern and Innovative
Technologies to provide Safe and Highly Qualified material.

Bertelè Telescopic Grandstands

Grandstands for Stadiums and Sports Halls


Bertelè Seat

Seating for Stadiums and Sports Halls

Bertelè Sport

Sports Equipment for Stadiums and Sports Halls

  Why are our telescopic stands so special?

We own all means necessary for the realisation of our telescopic tribunes.

Our Technical Department works with 3D cad parametric programs. By only digiting
some data such as height, depth and number of rows, this program automatically elaborates the project of one tribune module. Subsequently, the step fi les are transmitted to our laser-tube where all components will be cut and worked. The following stage of welding is carried out by means of robots.

We own some robots working on a longitudinal beam of 13 m, able to work on two rows of tribune at the same time with a capacity of 15 rows/h. The painting stage is carried out through the automatic application of polyester powders subsequently oven dried after a process of phosphatization and degreasing.

This capacity of production allows us to quickly manufacture high quality tribunes in a very short time.


Mono Bloc Seat:

“Dall’Ara” stadium Bologna Italy

Telescopic grandstands

The advantage of this type of Tribune is that  once it has been used and used, thanks to the  telescopic principle it can be packaged vertically,  occupying the minimum possible space, allowing them  to be used at a later time or in different uses …  and make room for the room for other  uses.

Flensburg “Campushalle”_Germany_4500 seats
Caserne Fonck_Liége_Belgique_600 seats
Stadio “Dall’Ara”_Bologna_Italia
Stadio “Dall’Ara”_Bologna_Italia
Stadio “Dall’Ara” Bologna Italia

Experience has a name: Bertelè Everything  you need to play sports

Basketball facility and equipment for stadiums and sports halls

In addition to the normal equipment for stadiums
and sports halls, the Bertelè company has a basketball


Linz Sporthalle Austria 2900 seats

We Organize and Transform Stadiums and Sports Halls  all over the World

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